American Idol fan favorites David Archuleta & Casey Abrams raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis in recent videos.

David Archuleta was a fan favorite & the runner-up to the seventh season of American Idol. He’s spent his time since American Idol traveling around the country & the world performing on tours & for different events. He recently updated his Youtube channel to discuss what he’s currently been up to. One of the topics he discusses in the video is the recent diagnosis of his older sister’s Crohn’s Disease. He thanked many of the fans who wrote to him regarding the condition as well as the CCFA. It sounds as though his sister is doing better, but as those dealing with Crohn’s Disease know, there is no easy fix & David states he is still trying to learn more about the disease & how he can best help his sister.


Casey Abrams was another fan favorite during the tenth season of American Idol. I’ve previously discussed Casey Abram’s struggles with Ulcerative Colitis while performing on American Idol as well as his IBD Idols project. He was recently featured on CNN’s “Human Factor” series which profiles people overcoming challenges in their life. The video & article discuss Casey Abrams life & the challenges he faced with Ulcerative Colitis. The video also includes some interview footage of him discussing the disease as well.

It’s great to see these two in the public eye bringing more attention to serious digestive diseases like Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative colitis.