American Idol fan favorites David Archuleta & Casey Abrams raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis in recent videos.

David Archuleta was a fan favorite & the runner-up to the seventh season of American Idol. He’s spent his time since American Idol traveling around the country & the world performing on tours & for different events. He recently updated his Youtube channel to discuss what he’s currently been up to. One of the topics he discusses in the video is the recent diagnosis of his older sister’s Crohn’s Disease. He thanked many of the fans who wrote to him regarding the condition as well as the CCFA. It sounds as though his sister is doing better, but as those dealing with Crohn’s Disease know, there is no easy fix & David states he is still trying to learn more about the disease & how he can best help his sister. Continue reading “David Archuleta & Casey Abrams Talk Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis” »

Hydrogenotrophic microbes which convert hydrogen into other substances may play a key role in the development of diseases like Colon Cancer or Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Research lead by Professor Rex Gaskin & Dr. Eugene Greenberg at the University of Illinois is looking to map Hydrogenotrophic(hydrogen consuming) microbes that while making up a small portion of the microbial ecosystem might play a big part in the development of diseases such as Colon Cancer or Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Continue reading “Hydrogen Eating Microbes Play Important Role In Digestive System” »

Advanced techniques in stem cell therapy may lead to new treatment options for those with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

MultiStem is a stem cell treatment therapy currently in development by Athersys in partnership with Pfzier. Athersys is currently targeting MultiStem as a treatment for a variety of illnesses such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease but also things like recovery from stroke, heart problems & transplant rejection. Multistem starts by harvesting stem cells from the bone marrow of a donor. Due to the technique that Athersys uses the donor does not have to be a tissue match for the recipient like in some other stem cell treatments. Supposedly it is also easy to mass produce MultiStem as a single donor can produce hundreds of thousands or even millions of doses. Continue reading “Novel Stem Cell Treatments For Inflammatory Bowel Disease” »

A recent study suggests kids & teens may not be properly taking medication prescribed to them for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Continue reading “Kids With IBD: Medication, CCFA Webcast & Alternatives” »

E. Coli’s impact on digestive health can be good or bad, depending on the strain.

A recent study brought to light some interesting information about how different strains of E. Coli(Escherichia coli) affect those with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease. The study looked at patients who had Crohn’s Disease & where infected with the “adherent-invasive E.Coli”(AIEC) strain “LF82”. It appears that another strain of E. Coli called “E. Coli Nissle 1917” is an effective way of treating LF82 infection & can improve symptoms considerably. Continue reading “E. Coli’s Relationship With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases” »

Beware of Health “Spell” Scams

April 16th, 2011 - Written by - 1 comment

I recently received a comment on my blog that at first seemed legit but later revealed itself as nothing more than scammy spam. The poster was explaining their life with Crohn’s Disease & how debilitating it was. There was actually a great deal of content to this comment & what the person talked about sounded rather convincing. The only problem was that near the end of the comment they started talking about how while nothing else worked, they found someone who would cast a spell for them & miraculously they started to heal from their Crohn’s Disease. What modern medicine & alternative therapies couldn’t treat, wiring a random stranger money so they could write a spell for you did.

Yeah right! Continue reading “Beware of Health “Spell” Scams” »

A recent study looking at the the cytokine(signaling protein) IL-23(Interleukin 23), from Tongji University in Shanghai, China has found that those with Crohn’s Disease have higher levels of the IL-23 signaling protein in the inflamed mucosa lining of their bowel. Continue reading “Study Shows Overactive Inflammatory Response For Those With Crohn’s Disease” »

Yahoo! Sports is running a great story on David Loewenstein, a long time dedicated clubhouse attendant for the San Francisco Giants. Loewenstein has been battling Crohn’s Disease since 1978 & over the last few years his Crohn’s has become progressively worse to the point where he can no longer perform his duties for the Giants. Instead of quietly firing Loewenstein, the Giants kept him on the payroll & health insurance plan. Teammates helped pay for some of his operations & visited him at his home. On top of this, he was recently voted a full share from last years San Francisco Giants’ World Series revenues pool. The cash value of that share is over $317,000 dollars. Continue reading “San Francisco Giants Taking Care Of One Of Their Own With Crohn’s” »

The WANTED: Crohn’s End blog has a post up about the possibility of the Long Beach, WA organic farm Green Angel Gardens having their land foreclosed on. I am a big fan of locally produced food as I think it could solve a lot of problems such as reducing consumption of oil as well as making everyone healthier.

The farm needs to come up with $9,000 by April 15th, 2011. You can help by donating on their website or at their Astoria, Oregon fundraiser on April 9th, 2011. If you don’t have the funds to donate, please tweet, blog or tell your friends the old fashioned way(in person) about the situation.

There have been a lot of recent news stories regarding people dealing with Crohn’s Disease. I thought I’d go over some of them here. It just goes to show that there are people of all walks of life who are having to deal with the issues that arise with Crohn’s Disease & other chronic¬†illnesses.

Jennifer Jaff was a successful trial lawyer until both Crohn’s Disease & Gastroparesis brought her career to a halt. As she searched for answers and help about her own condition from others, she found that her skills as a lawyer could help those facing the same illnesses as her. She started helping others with basic questions about things like health insurance, Social Security disability requirements & the Family & Medical Leave Act. Eventually someone asked if she could help them with their disability retirement appeal, which she did & won. She has since created the non-profit organization Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness so that she can help more people dealing with chronic illnesses. She is also writing articles on Continue reading “Stories Of People Living Life With Crohn’s Disease” »

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