American Idol fan favorites David Archuleta & Casey Abrams raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis in recent videos.

David Archuleta was a fan favorite & the runner-up to the seventh season of American Idol. He’s spent his time since American Idol traveling around the country & the world performing on tours & for different events. He recently updated his Youtube channel to discuss what he’s currently been up to. One of the topics he discusses in the video is the recent diagnosis of his older sister’s Crohn’s Disease. He thanked many of the fans who wrote to him regarding the condition as well as the CCFA. It sounds as though his sister is doing better, but as those dealing with Crohn’s Disease know, there is no easy fix & David states he is still trying to learn more about the disease & how he can best help his sister. Continue reading “David Archuleta & Casey Abrams Talk Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis” »

The Independant, a Santa Barbara based paper, has an interview with Ben Morrison, a comedian who has dealt with Crohn’s Disease since 1997.

… But for comedian Ben Morrison, who was hit with a Crohn’s disease diagnosis during his senior year of high school about a decade ago, finding humor in his situation has been the only way to stay positive and even keep the little known intestinal woe under control. He’ll be bringing his Crohn’s-related stand-up show “Pain in the Butt” to town this weekend, and he spent a few minutes chatting with The Independent last month.

Read the rest of the interview @ The Independant’s website.

You can also check out Ben Morrison’s website. Interview with Dr. Wangen from the IBS Treatment Center.

Yiannis over at recently did an interview with Dr. Wangen from the IBS Treatment Center:

How did you get involved with IBS and what is the idea behind the IBS treatment center?

I was once diagnosed with IBS. I wasn’t very impressed with the diagnosis, but like many of my current patients, I assumed that stress was the cause of my problem. It turned out that stress had little to do with my symptoms. It can exacerbate symptoms, but it is usually not the fundamental cause of digestive problems. Once I discovered how to cure my own IBS, that gave me more confidence in exploring how to help other people. That led to the development of the IBS Treatment Center, the first comprehensive treatment center dedicated to resolving.

Read the full interview at

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