James Marshall who had success in the cult TV show “Twin Peaks” as well as playing a role in the blockbuster movie “A Few Good Men” is currently in the midst of a trial against Accutane creator Roche. Marshall is contending that after starting a regimen of Accutane in 1992 he developed debilitating Crohn’s Disease which eventually lead to the removal of his colon. Due to his illness, Marshall states that the illness severely crippled him & left his career in ruins.

Marshall does have some big name actors to help backup his claim that the illness caused a major impact on his acting career. Actor Brian Dennehy & Director Rob Reiner have already testified on behalf of Marshall. Martin Sheen might also be on tap to testify later. While these witnesses may be of help proving that the illness was debilitating, they may not help much in proving that Accutane was the cause. Roche is claiming that Marshall’s medical record previous to 1992 will show that he had intestinal issues before receiving Accutane. They also feel they gave patients fair warning about the possible risks associated with taking Accutane.

The judge overseeing Marshall’s lawsuit is Judge Carol Higbee who is well known for her role regarding lawsuits against the drug Vioxx that ended with it’s manufacturer, Merck, having to pay up $4.8 billion dollars.

The trial is currently on going & Roche is not expected to start giving their testimony until April 2011.