“Lazy Stomach” article written by a doctor, makes them sound out of touch regarding gastroparesis & patient’s needs.

I am not sure why I didn’t see this earlier, but there was an article posted on DrOz.com about Gastroparesis by Robynne K. Chutkan, MD titled “Lazy Stomach”. The article belittles & seems to make light of Gastroparesis.

The technical term for Deborah’s condition is “gastroparesis” which means paralysis of the stomach – affectionately referred to as a “lazy stomach”.

Who in their right mind actually refers to Gastroparesis affectionately and uses the term “lazy stomach”? Oh “my stomach is just lazy!”, wrong! How about we just leave it at “my stomach is partially paralyzed and/or malfunctioning” which doesn’t sound quite as cute… Continue reading “DrOz.com “Lazy Stomach” Article Angers Many” »

Implantable device may help regulate hunger those with severe obesity.

The company Intrapace has come out with a new gastric stimulator device called “abiliti” which is meant to do the opposite of what Medtronic’s Enterra device does. While the Medtronic Enterra device is designed to help reduce nausea & vomiting in those with Gastroparesis so that they can increase food intake, “abiliti” is meant for those who are looking to lose weight and not eat as much. “abiliti” works in a similar fashion but obviously the goal is not to cause patients to experience symptoms similar to Gastroparesis, but instead to stimulate the stomach which causes a feeling of satiety or provides a feeling that the patient interprets as a signal to stop eating. Continue reading “Gastric Pacemaker ‘abiliti’ May Help With Weight Loss” »

There have been a lot of recent news stories regarding people dealing with Crohn’s Disease. I thought I’d go over some of them here. It just goes to show that there are people of all walks of life who are having to deal with the issues that arise with Crohn’s Disease & other chronic illnesses.

Jennifer Jaff was a successful trial lawyer until both Crohn’s Disease & Gastroparesis brought her career to a halt. As she searched for answers and help about her own condition from others, she found that her skills as a lawyer could help those facing the same illnesses as her. She started helping others with basic questions about things like health insurance, Social Security disability requirements & the Family & Medical Leave Act. Eventually someone asked if she could help them with their disability retirement appeal, which she did & won. She has since created the non-profit organization Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness so that she can help more people dealing with chronic illnesses. She is also writing articles on EmpowHER.com. Continue reading “Stories Of People Living Life With Crohn’s Disease” »

Oregon senator Robert Kruse is sponsoring Oregon Senate Bill 777 which aims to reduce the number of ailments medical marijuana can be used for as well creating stricter criteria regarding it’s use with ailments that would remain allowable. Additionally it would require patients to have a doctor verify their illness & eligibility every six months. Continue reading “Oregon Bill Threatens To Restrict Patient Access To Medical Marijuana” »

Writer Lia Serbyn has written a funny, but all too real article on the toll Irritable Bowel Syndrome can take on one’s relationships.

IBS doesn’t exactly enrich your love life. It behaves like a stalker slapped with a restraining order; it’ll show up any damn time it pleases because it knows you have no serious protection against it.

Her experiences are similar to mine. Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects all relationships, not just romantic ones. Even close friends & family can seemingly turn on you, becoming frustrated with your illness. Maybe it’s a survival of the fittest animal instinct that comes into play. The desire to leave the straggling Wildebeest behind the herd as a “decoy” to the lions. Perhaps it’s not as sinister as that… Perhaps it’s just frustration. You’d love to go on that long road trip, you’d love to go over for dinner or go out to a movie, you’d love to go to the beach… But you… Just… Can’t. Continue reading “Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Interfering With Your Relationships?” »

Chelsea Rushton is a 22 year old mother of two who developed Gastroparesis after the birth of her second child. She also suffers from Fibromyalgia as well. Her husband works full time along with going to school. It is hard to imagine the strain this illness can cause on not just her, but on everyone around her.

“I want to cry when I tell you that we need, so badly, more studies on gastroparesis,” [her mother, Sherri Petersen] said. “We need the awareness to get out there that this is a real disease. This is not something that is in your head that many are told it is … She has been told many times over, ‘You don’t really hurt. Just go home and take a Tylenol.’ “

Chelsea’s surgery was scheduled for March 10th, 2011. Hopefully things went smoothly. We wish her the best in her recovery & hopefully her rehabilitation from Gastroparesis.

You can read the full story at The Standard-Examiner.


For the many people dealing with acid reflux, lying down can literally be a painful experience. When a person is lying down on their back they are putting more strain on  their lower esophageal sphincter(LES valve). The LES valve is what keeps the contents of your stomach from flowing into the esophagus. One of the reasons for acid reflux disease is a weakened or faulty LES valve, meaning lying down flat on your back is just asking for trouble. Even those who don’t have acid reflux, but have other digestive issues such as Gastroparesis, Functional Dyspepsia or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Inflammatory Bowel Disease may have issues when lying down. I personally deal with bouts of indigestion w/ acid reflux combo along with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is why I’ve been looking for a solution. Continue reading “Review – Trademark Bed Risers – Elevating Your Bed For Digestive Health” »

The Moose Jaw Times Herald is running a story about Melissa Rowe, a resident of Moose Jaw, Canada who is trying to raise money for a gastric neurostimulator device. It appears the local Saskatchewan healthcare system has denied her claim to get the device. The estimated cost to get the device is approximately $50,000. She is appealing the decision, so let’s hope they change their mind.

Unfortunately the paper has left out information about the actual fundraiser in the online version of the article and redirects you to buy the paper. I am sure it was probably just an oversight, but it would be nice if they’re trying to help this woman to make sure the information is on the Internet. I’ve e-mailed them to see if they can provide this information. I’ll update this post if it becomes available.

Also I’d like to point out that this shouldn’t be used as a jab against the Canadian healthcare system as it’s no cakewalk to get the the gastric neurostimulator covered by US insurance. Though it’d be nice if both systems had a smoother path.

Review: Nature’s Life Betaine HCl – Hydrochloric Acid

Stomach acid(mainly Hydrochloric acid) is an essential part of the digestive process. It is one of the three main things(enzymes,acid & muscle contractions) your stomach uses to breakdown foods into things like sugars and peptides which your small intestine can then absorb.

Hypochlorhydria is a condition where stomach acids are lower than normal or completely absent. The interesting thing about Hypochlorhydria is that the symptoms are very similar to Gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD). There may be many people out there who are experiencing GERD like symptoms, but the medication they’re prescribed is either not working or actually makes their symptoms worse. This may mean they are experiencing low stomach acid instead of too much stomach acid. Usually doctors do not check to verify if that is the case or not. If you have Hypochlorhydria or you feel you have upper digestive issues related to low stomach acid you can supplement this Hydrochloric acid in pill form.

Bottle Of Nature's Life Betaine HCL
Continue reading “Review: Nature’s Life Betaine HCl – Hydrochloric Acid” »

The Dangers Of Competitive Eating

February 4th, 2011 - Written by - Leave a Comment

For most people a trip or two through the buffet is all they can muster before it’s time to go for a nap. However, for others, chowing down more than anyone else is a thrill in and of itself. Competitive eating has been “expanding” in popularity over the last decade thanks in part to groups like the International Federation of Competitive Eating who dolled out $400,000 in prize money in 2009 alone & has partnered with big names like ESPN & Alka-Seltzer. The televised Nathan’s Hotdog Eating contests & shows like “Man vs Food”(which I personally like) have brought the concept away from it’s early sideshow/county fair roots and more into the mainstream. Continue reading “The Dangers Of Competitive Eating” »

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