There have been a lot of recent news stories regarding people dealing with Crohn’s Disease. I thought I’d go over some of them here. It just goes to show that there are people of all walks of life who are having to deal with the issues that arise with Crohn’s Disease & other chronic illnesses.

Jennifer Jaff was a successful trial lawyer until both Crohn’s Disease & Gastroparesis brought her career to a halt. As she searched for answers and help about her own condition from others, she found that her skills as a lawyer could help those facing the same illnesses as her. She started helping others with basic questions about things like health insurance, Social Security disability requirements & the Family & Medical Leave Act. Eventually someone asked if she could help them with their disability retirement appeal, which she did & won. She has since created the non-profit organization Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness so that she can help more people dealing with chronic illnesses. She is also writing articles on

Francis RossiRick Parffit are bandmates from the band “Status Quo”, which had considerable success in the UK during the 70s & earlier 80s. Rick Parffit’s son Rick Parffit Jr was diagnosed at the age of 9(now 36) with Crohn’s Disease. He’s struggled throughout his life with the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease & the multiple surgeries he’s had to treat it. Despite the hardships Crohn’s has caused he still tries to remain positive & move forward with his life. Rick Parffit Jr heads the RPJ Crohn’s Foundation which recently held an event called “The Rock Ball” which involved both music from Status Quo & a fashion show managed by Sophie Anderton. You can read more on the event and see videos at the Sky News website.

Barb Chaplin has been dealing with Crohn’s for over forty years. Initially her doctor felt the pain & digestive problems she was having were due to pre-wedding stress(I guess ‘stress’ was a good cop-out forty years ago as well). It took many years for her to finally get a proper diagnosis. Even after diagnosis Crohn’s Still had a major impact on her life until she was prescribed Imuran in 1984 which essentially turned her life around. She’s been able to go on vacations & participate in Crohn’s awareness walks. You can read her full story at the The Heralds website.

Cameron Kelly is a boy who was diagnosed at the age of 10 with Crohn’s Disease and received considerable hospitalization because of it. He & his mother are putting together a local concert to help raise funds & awareness about Crohn’s Disease & as a thank you to the people who helped Cameron when he was ill. You can read more at the Carrick Today website.