Chelsea Rushton is a 22 year old mother of two who developed Gastroparesis after the birth of her second child. She also suffers from Fibromyalgia as well. Her husband works full time along with going to school. It is hard to imagine the strain this illness can cause on not just her, but on everyone around her.

“I want to cry when I tell you that we need, so badly, more studies on gastroparesis,” [her mother, Sherri Petersen] said. “We need the awareness to get out there that this is a real disease. This is not something that is in your head that many are told it is … She has been told many times over, ‘You don’t really hurt. Just go home and take a Tylenol.’ “

Chelsea’s surgery was scheduled for March 10th, 2011. Hopefully things went smoothly. We wish her the best in her recovery & hopefully her rehabilitation from Gastroparesis.

You can read the full story at The Standard-Examiner.