I recently received a comment on my blog that at first seemed legit but later revealed itself as nothing more than scammy spam. The poster was explaining their life with Crohn’s Disease & how debilitating it was. There was actually a great deal of content to this comment & what the person talked about sounded rather convincing. The only problem was that near the end of the comment they started talking about how while nothing else worked, they found someone who would cast a spell for them & miraculously they started to heal from their Crohn’s Disease. What modern medicine & alternative therapies couldn’t treat, wiring a random stranger money so they could write a spell for you did.

Yeah right! Needless to say once I saw that part of the comment I sent it to the spam filter. Before doing so I did capture the e-mail & researched where else this spammer was posting. I found similar comments on other blogs proclaiming similar positive outcomes due to this person’s spellcasting. Anything from illnesses to casting “love spells”, this person can do it all. Some comments or websites proclaimed that other spellcasters were scams, but that they were actually the real deal, just pay by credit card *wink wink*. The sad part is that some of the sites had users commenting about how they were scammed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars pursuing these things. In some cases the saying “a fool and his money are soon parted” is probably a worthy description of people who fall for these scams, however, using sickness or illness to prey on people is the lowest of lows in my book.

I think I’ve made my point of view on spells pretty clear already, but I’ll just clarify my feelings a little more here. I do not believe spells have any physiological healing power, that being said, it is possible that there could be a psychological component at play. The placebo effect itself could almost be looked at as being spell like. “I am giving you something to make you feel better”, but in reality you are not receiving anything special at all, it is just the bodies reaction to the concept. So perhaps you could get a placebo effect from a spell, but that certainly isn’t a vote of confidence for spells.

If you really want to investigate something like this then it would be best to try and focus your search locally. Try to find a local Wicca or witchcraft group and see if they can write a spell for you. Do not spend much money on this, seriously. Take this as though someone is giving you a prayer or wishing you good health. Personally I’d avoid it unless someone you knew offered it for free out of compassion or concern. I had a few spells written for me from a practicing Wiccan, mainly for fun, but basically I took it as a nice gesture from this person but wasn’t anything that changed my mind as far as the supernatural. As I expected the spells themselves didn’t do anything.

So in short, don’t let someone play you because of your illness. Like most things in life there usually isn’t a quick fix, yet there are many scammers who will promise you one.