From the land of pizza comes some good news for those dealing with Celiac disease. A recent study, headed by University of Naples(Italy) doctor Luigi Greco found that wheat treated with lactobacillus & a fungal enzyme could be eaten by those dealing with Celiac disease. The fermentation of the wheat causes it to hydrolyze and reduces the residual gluten content of the final product. Gluten is a naturally occurring protein inside wheat that damages the small intestine of those dealing with Celiac disease due to an autoimmune reaction.This does not mean people who have Celiac disease should run out and buy some sourdough bread off the shelf. The wheat inside the product must be entirely hydrolyzed, which is probably not done in most commercially available sourdough products. However this study could lead to cheaper & more widely available products in the future. It will be best to wait for products that are marketed as being designed for those with gluten intolerance.

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