Nexvax2 may become a breakthrough for preventing or treating Celiac disease.

The company ImmusanT has released information that their Celiac Disease vaccine “Nexvax2” passed their three week Phase I clinical trial. Phase I trials only test safety, tolerability & bioactivity in humans & are not meant to test how effective the drug or vaccine is. Some patients receiving the vaccine experienced symptoms similar to what they would experience from gluten exposure, which was expected. Continue reading “Celiac Vaccine Showing Promise” »

A joint study between multiple education & research institutions[1] has found two genome locations that both people with Crohn’s Disease & Celiac Disease share. The group of researchers found the new genetic locations through known genome data on both diseases. There are already two other genome locations that are different in those with Crohn’s Disease & Celiac Disease however they are independant of each disease, this new finding shows a genetic link between the two diseases. The findings shed more light as to the causes of bowel diseases & may very well improve techniques to identify those with the diseases or even lead to an eventual gene therapies.

1. Institutions Involved: University of Groningen, The Netherlands; the Broad Institute, USA; the Université de Montréal and Montreal Heart Institute in Canada

From the land of pizza comes some good news for those dealing with Celiac disease. A recent study, headed by University of Naples(Italy) doctor Luigi Greco found that wheat treated with lactobacillus & a fungal enzyme could be eaten by those dealing with Celiac disease. The fermentation of the wheat causes it to hydrolyze and reduces the residual gluten content of the final product. Gluten is a naturally occurring protein inside wheat that damages the small intestine of those dealing with Celiac disease due to an autoimmune reaction. Continue reading “Those With Celiac Disease May Be Able To Eat Future Sourdough Wheat Products” »

Special Diets

There are quite a few special diets which some people find helpful with IBS. Some may purport that “such and such diet” is the cure. I am not entirely sure that everyone’s IBS can be controlled on diet alone. Radically adjusting your diet could be harmful to your health both mentally & physically. You may become very frustrated with finding foods that meet the requirements of your new diet or become depressed in the loss of your ability to eat foods you once loved. It would also be terrible if this new diet didn’t actually improve your IBS symptoms. This isn’t to say that these diets don’t help people or that you won’t find success with them, but it’s best to take it slowly and perhaps speak with your doctor or a trained nutritionist before making a radical change. Continue reading “Special Diets & Irritable Bowel Syndrome” »

GoodBelly Strawberry Fruit Juice Drink

GoodBelly Strawberry Fruit Juice Drink

GoodBelly Probiotic Fruit Drink

I found out about GoodBelly juice drinks from my local public radio station. Between shows they’d have an advertisement for the “non-dairy probiotic fruit juice based drink”. Intrigued I went off in search of this stuff. The first visit to the GoodBelly website suggested that my local Fred Meyers carried it, but when I went there it was not to be. I then tried a local Safeway(may also be known as Vons), which did indeed carry it, but it took some looking as it was near the yogurt and not on the juice aisle. Continue reading “Product Review: Goodbelly Probiotic Drink” »

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