Goodbelly ramps up the probiotics with one of their newest products, “Goodbelly BigShot”.

A while back I reviewed the original GoodBelly drink, but for those who do not know I’ll recap the main idea behind GoodBelly. GoodBelly is essentially an organic, non-dairy,  probiotic(Lactobacillus plantarum299v) drink. GoodBelly originally was just a single product but they have expanded their product line to offer GoodBelly BigShot, GoodBelly Splash, GoodBelly Plus & GoodBelly To-Go. The people at GoodBelly were kind enough to furnish me with some samples of GoodBelly BigShot which I am reviewing today.

While the packaging of GoodBelly BigShot looks similar to the original GoodBelly, the contents are quite different. GoodBelly BigShot actually has over twice as many probiotic units in it compared to the original(50 billion colony forming units vs 20 billion). It has no fruit juice in it at all which is probably why it also has less sugar(5 grams vs 9 grams). While the original GoodBelly offers 5 different fruit flavors, GoodBelly BigShot has two: Lemon Ginger & Vanilla Chamomile. Also it’s worth noting that cost-wise, GoodBelly BigShot is about twice as much as the original.

GoodBelly BigShotSo how does it taste? Well, it’s flavor is probably something you’d have to get used to. While there is no dairy content, it does have a similar flavor to plain yogurt. This is probably due to the probiotic culture & with less sugar it’s not as easy to mask it’s sour flavor. I tried both the Lemon Ginger & Vanilla Chamomile, of the two I think I preferred the Vanilla Chamomile. It seemed as though the Vanilla Chamomile was a bit thicker in texture than the Lemon Ginger.

GoodBelly is leveraging this product as something you can use when you’re in a state of digestive upset, perhaps after a stomach flu or if you’re constipated. While it’s safe to use it every day, I am thinking that some people would have trouble using it as an everyday product unless you’re looking for a hardcore way of getting your daily probiotics.  Also cost has to be considered as at Whole Foods it’s about $8.00 for four(4) BigShots, which is essentially $2.00 per serving. However, I did happen to find a $1.00 off coupon inside the carton, so that’ll help a little bit.

As far as how well it works, I have no doubt in the quality of probiotics GoodBelly puts in their products. Lactobacillus plantarum299v has been researched to show many benefits & probiotics in general are a good idea for practically anyone. My personal experience with probiotics has had it’s ups and downs, sometimes they help, sometimes they don’t. The best way to find out if it’ll work for you is to try it, at least with GoodBelly you’ll know you are getting a quality product and not some dud probiotics.

As a heads up, right now GoodBelly is running a 12-day Challenge promo where you can get some coupons for GoodBelly, plus you can even get a refund if it doesn’t work for you.

If you don’t have access to GoodBelly locally you can order some GoodBelly ToGo packets from