New Direction For My IBS Treatment

I am taking another stab at trying to tame my IBS. So I’ve emptied my wallet a bit to invest in some supplements and herbal remedies to see how they’re going to fair. I’ll be sure to relay how they work out in the coming weeks.

Here is what I am trying:

  • Iberogast – an herbal pro-kinetic/motility formula. Basically it aids in moving food through your digestive system properly. It’s all natural, which is a definite plus.
  • Psyllium Husks – A soluble fiber. I’ve tried Acacia fiber before and the results were constipating. It appears soluble fiber slows the gut down. This might be what you want if you’re suffering from chronic diarrhea, but for me it slowed it down a bit too much. Perhaps I’ll have different luck with Psyllium Husk. I’ve come to notice that bean fiber seems to actually be the most beneficial fiber I’ve eaten so far. So maybe I should look more in the direction of an insoluble fiber for future experiments.
  • Magnesium – Aids in attracting water to the gut, it’s considered more of a diarrhetic. Helpful in keeping things moving.
  • Nature’s Way Primadophilus Junior – This is a probiotic product made by Nature’s Way which contains B. Infantis, a probiotic that has been shown to help with IBS symptoms. It contains 3 billion CFUs(colony forming units), which is less than most other probiotic products. I feel this is a good thing for me, as I think that starting with a high CFU can lead to problems, mainly constipation. I hope to avoid it by taking the Psyllium Husk & Magnesium.
  • Pure Encapsulations B12 Methylcobalamin – Methylcobalamin is a highly absorbable variety of B12. It helps with the nervous system, plus it’s suppose to help with fatigue & energy levels.

I got the Pure Encapsulations B12 Methylcobalamin in yesterday & the Iberogast in today. I am still waiting on the other stuff. I’ll do a write-up and hopefully post some pictures as well in the next coming days. Stay Tuned :)!

Living With Gastroparesis Blog.

Came across the Living With Gastroparesis Blog while looking up information on Iberogast. If you’re dealing with GP, know someone who has or are just interested in GP as a digestive ailment, you should check it out. She is currently in the process of getting an Enterra Gastric Pacemaker calibrated. Her message about being your own advocate, I sincerely agree with, as all to often digestive ailments are overlooked or not given the concern they deserve in the medical field. I still have quite a bit of anger over how my dealings with GP were handled back in 2006 by an out to lunch medical system.  I am wishing her the best and I’d suggest checking out her blog. :)