Special thanks to Hypnotherapy Directory (UK) for writing this detailed post on Hypnotherapy.

Many suffers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome only get occasional pain and discomfort, but for some the condition can effect their lives on a daily basis. You may suffer from constipation, or diarrhea, some may even have both. Pain can vary from mild to severe and can occur at any time of the day. You may also be suffering from indigestion, nausea, cramping, heart burn and muscle pain.

There has been lots of information and research into the condition. Some research suggests that parts of the gut may be over-active, some of the contractions in the muscles can become abnormal. Other research has found that sensitivity to the amount of gas in your bowel and your genes can all contribute to the development of IBS.

Because there is no known cause for IBS there is no definite cure. There are things that can help though, although it is important to recognize that as IBS is a medical condition you should consult your doctor before trying a new method. One method that is growing in popularity is Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, both have been shown to help relieve IBS symptoms.

Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to relax and teach you new ways to manage stress. Your state of mind can influence your physical health as well as your mental health. The stress and anxiety that IBS can cause can undermine your immune system which can then fuel the IBS further. Being able to relax and control your stress can be invaluable tools in coping with your IBS.

Hypnotherapy can also help you to stay positive about your condition. By communicating with your sub-conscience mind a hypnotherapist can help you change your reactions and feeling to certain situations and feelings. Meaning you may be a much happier and positive person.

Finding a professional hypnotherapist can add to your stress and confusion though, there are no government regulations in place in the UK for hypnotherapy at the moment. This is why the website Hypnotherapy Directory was created. You can search their network of UK based, qualified and insured hypnotherapists by your postcode, town or county to find help in your area. You can also find out lots more information on how hypnotherapy can help IBS, and many other areas . This is a free and confidential service for all.

If you are looking to find a Hypnotherapist in the US check out IBSHypnosis.com’s List of Professionals.

Alternatively if you do not have access to a local Hypnotherapist try Michael Mahoney’s IBS Audio 100 Program.