Vitamin D & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Was browsing over @ & found a blog post by user ‘absoluterob’ about Vitamin D deficiency. It is an interesting post on how Vitamin D can help reduce inflammation. Vitamin D is known as ”the sunshine vitamin” since most people produce it naturally by being out in the sun. I don’t get a whole lot of sunlight during my day & a lot of people in the northern hemisphere probably don’t get a lot either. Besides helping with inflammation it also helps with mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder which is basically seasonal depression is suspected to be caused partially by a lack of sunlight/Vitamin D production. So overall it would seem like supplementing Vitamin D would be a wise idea.

I myself have a cabinet full of the alphabet vitamins(A, B, C, D & E). I’ve dabbled a bit with different supplements, but haven’t really been on a regular supplement regimen except for a Vitamin B complex, which I take religiously as I credit it for helping me when I was dealing with Gastroparesis. I did find some Vitamin D left over and took some today. Can’t say anything amazing happened immediately, but like most things, it takes time. A lot of vitamins seem to have a funky compounding agent that can cause me to get constipated, so I need to be careful with what I take. There do appear to be some soft gel pills available for Vitamin D, this may help reduce the risk of constipation or stomach upset. The suggested intake for Vitamin D ranges from 1000mcg – 5000mcg. Dosages vary by product.¬†After looking over some different Vitamin D products, I’d suggest Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D3. You may also want to check out a their Vitamin D2 supplement as well. If you have a favorite brand please let me know.