Oregon senator Robert Kruse is sponsoring Oregon Senate Bill 777 which aims to reduce the number of ailments medical marijuana can be used for as well creating stricter criteria regarding it’s use with ailments that would remain allowable. Additionally it would require patients to have a doctor verify their illness & eligibility every six months. Continue reading “Oregon Bill Threatens To Restrict Patient Access To Medical Marijuana” »

Oregon IBD Connection 2011

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If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area & you are dealing with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis then you may want to check out the Oregon IBD Connection 2011. It will be held on Saturday, March 19th at the Buckley Center Auditorium on the University of Portland campus. Check-in begins at 11:45am while the event starts at noon and goes until 4pm. It is recommended that you pre-register online by Sunday, March 13th. It appears you will be able to also register when you arrive to the event if you are unable to do so in time online. The event is provided at no cost, will have light refreshments available & a many speakers discussing Crohn’s Disease research & treatment. You can register at the CCFA website.

Event Details:

Oregon IBD Connection 2011



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