“Poo Burger” hoax video reminds us not to believe everything we see on the Internet.

Well it seems that some legit news websites are syndicating a story about a so called Japanese “poo burger”. A video that originated at LiveLeaks(WARNING VIDEO MY BE GROSS TO SOME) has a Japanese scientist named Mitsuyuki Ikeda from a fictitious Okayama Laboratory who has invented a “poo burger” from sewage waste. The concept is that bacteria within sewage waste can be processed & treated to create so called meat steaks. The video has Mr. Ikeda talking nonchalantly about his invention as well as demonstrating it’s virtues & even eating some of it. Continue reading “Japanese Poo Burger Story Leaves A Bad Taste Behind…” »

As our food supply becomes more consolidated, outbreaks of bacterial contamination may become larger. Some of those outbreaks may involve drug resistant bacteria.

A study by the Oxford Journal along with stories by the LA times may give some a cause for concern regarding the safety of our meat supply.

[Researchers] established that 40% of pork samples were contaminated with such bacteria.

Nearly half of the samples — 47% — contained strains of Staphylococcus aureus, the type of bacteria that most commonly causes staph infections. Of those bacteria, 52% were resistant to at least three classes of antibiotics[…]

While most of these bacteria are killed off with proper cooking & the risk of infection is low if proper handling procedures are followed, it still gives one pause to think about all th stuff going into these animals before they are sent to slaughter for consumption.


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