A recent study published in Gastroenterology(Vol. 140, Issue 5) has found that Dronabinol may help with treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Dronabinol is a purified form of THC which is the active ingredient of cannabis(Marijuana).

Patients were split into two groups, one group was given 2.5mg of Dronabinol while the other group was given 5mg. Tests were done to measure colon motility & compliance 1 hour after taking the oral treatment & 1 hour after eating a 1,000 calorie meal.Those who were given 5mg of Dronabinol showed decreased colon motility & improved colon compliance for things such as muscle tone, overall motility & sensation thresholds. Those who saw most improvement were those who suffered from IBS-D(Diarrhea predominant symptoms) or IBS-A(alternating symptoms), those with IBS-C(constipation predominant symptoms) still saw mild improvement. The group taking 2.5mg of Dronabinol did not see notable improvement. Also of note was that the most significant benefit was seen after the 1 hour fasting period.

This is definitely positive news for those who are pro-Medical Marijuana or Marijuana in general. Here in Oregon we have Medical Marijuana laws that allow patients to use & grow Marijuana within their own home. Though there are hoops to jump through before you’re legal & there are guidelines you must follow. It will also set you back a couple hundred dollars to get started. There are currently 14 other states that allow the use of medicinal Marijuana in some form or another. Even if your state doesn’t have a Medical Marijuana law on the books, Dronabinol may be an alternative that people who are more conservative towards Marijuana might be okay with.

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