Hello, my name is Gabriel. I am a 25 year old male who has been dealing with IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) since I was 13. Over the years I’ve tried many different things and have talked to many different doctors regarding my symptoms with varying results.

IBS is not always that well understood in the health-care community or society in general. IBS is a chronic condition which leads to all sorts of maladies. It can be hard to discuss with family or friends the problems you experience as most people, understandably, do not discuss their bowel habits. This taboo though leads to people misunderstanding the symptoms and limitations someone with IBS faces. Things like trips or social events become quite daunting & it can greatly interfere with someones life, aspirations & dreams.

This blog is my way of opening up and explaining my story as well as hopefully giving others like me or those who are not, a glimpse into what IBS is like and also things I’ve learned that can help or hurt your situations.

This blog is very new, so I don’t expect a lot of feedback right away, but please feel free to leave me a comment, I’d be happy to reply. :)

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