Awhile back I discussed converting your regular sit-down toilet into a squat toilet variety. Despite the sit down toilet’s conquest of most “1st world” nations, squatting a more natural position for the body to “do it’s business”. The Lilipad is a New Zealand invention that is essentially a high end, sturdy and actually attractive toilet platform. It’s definitely the nicest looking toilet platform I’ve seen out on the market as it doesn’t look like some sort of industrial medical device, but more like a piece of wood furniture.

Now the only sticking point I think might be the cost as it is a bit up there at $169 USD, but for those who are handy with tools there is a potentially cheaper option. Lilipad is now selling the plans on how how to build your own toilet platform. The plans cost $9.50(materials obviously not included!). This could mean big savings, given that you don’t cut your hand off while slicing and dicing wood. I have not seen the plans myself, but I feel you can trust the people at Lilipad because this is, a toliet platform, not a “time machine”, “perpetual motion machine” or “cold-fusion reactor” or any of the other scammy “plans” you might see on the internet.