Esophyx Procedure Reduces Heartburn For Some. For Others The Results Vary

Update: It appears EndoGastric Solutions is in some hot water from the FDA regarding the device malfunctioning, as well as marketing the device as being reversible when in most(?)/many(?) cases it is not. There is also some legal action taking place as well.

Just read about the Esophyx procedure on NBC’s Dallas Fort Worth website. The procedure is offered as an alternative to Nissen Fundoplication.  The goal is to resolve acid reflux symptoms by strengthening the Lower Esophageal Sphincter valve.

Nissen Fundoplication is usually done via laparoscopic surgery, which means one or more incisions are made and a tiny camera is used through these incisions to guide the surgeon. The surgeon wraps part of the stomach around the LES valve and then staples it together so it holds tight around the LES. In some cases mesh devices are needed to help hold the stomach in place. Overall it is a serious procedure with side effects being the inability to belch causing a build of of gas, the inability to vomit, dumping syndrome as well as others.

Esophyx is a product made by EndoGastric Solutions. Esophyx works via endoscopy, there is no incision required. The full name of the procedure is “Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication”(TIF). The surgeon places a tube down the patients throat and all tools are transportable along this tube. The tools allow the surgeon to grab the top of the stomach near the LES valve and pull down a piece of the stomach. This piece is then folded onto itself. The fold is then stapled together. This is repeated around the valve to strengthen it. For some this resolves their acid reflux symptoms completely, others have to still take heartburn medications, while some are not helped at all by the procedure. Since this is a rather new procedure,  there is not a lot of data on it.

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You can also check out this very informative 3D animation of the procedure. Click on the video as some people have posted on their results with Esophyx.

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