E. Coli in Drinking Water for Portland, OR USA

Yikes! Looks as though the Portland, OR water bureau has found E. Coli in our water reservoir and there is a boil water notice in effect. I am wondering if this played a part in me not feeling so great a few days ago. I was doing pretty good early last week what with starting an Iberogast & magnesium regimen. Last Thursday I got a stomach ache and felt nauseated. The stomach ache developed after eating an apple I had washed off under the sink using tap water. I normally drink distilled water from a jug, but I wash vegetables & fruits under tap and then shake them off really good. In the past if I drink tap water it seems to usually give me a stomach ache, perhaps it’s the chlorine or other microbes in the water causing problems. This incident on Thursday felt a bit worse than the minor belly ache I’d get in the past from drinking water. They’re going to be testing the water again later today to see if it still contains E. Coli. *crossing fingers*

My Supplements Arrive… Finally…

My Primadophilus Junior, Magnesium Complex & Psyllium Husk capsules finally showed up. I had used a vendor that was not AllStarHealth.com & it took like two weeks to arrive! :( I have not started taking them yet, I’ll post some info on them in the coming week or so… :)