An interesting study by¬†Dr. Gerard E. Mullin(John Hopkins University) provides some evidence that vitamin D3 may be of some use to people dealing with Crohn’s Disease. Dr Mullin gave patients with Crohn’s disease a 1200 IU daily dose of vitamin D3 & tracked the results for 12 months. After those 12 months, of the 46 given the vitamin d3 dosage, only 13% showed a relapse with their Crohn’s Disease. The 48 patients who received a placebo saw a relapse rate of 29%. While the total number of patients was only 92, these results are still pretty impressive, especially given how simple oral vitamin D3 supplementation is.

Some news articles are stating that 1200 IU is a high dosage, really it’s not that high at all and is easily obtainable in supplement form. If you’re interested in buying some vitamin D3 supplements you might want to check out Now Foods 2000 IU Vitamin D3.