Emulating a Squat Toliet With Sit Down Toilets

Probably the majority of people in the US & UK have grown up using sit-down style toilets. These toilets resemble elaborate porcelain chairs and are pretty comfortable to sit on while doing your business, so long as you don’t sit there reading until your legs fall asleep(bad! bad!).

Unfortunately the modern western toilet does have it’s drawbacks. First of all the position you’re sitting in, while comfortable, is not conducive for passing stool. In the sitting position your colon may be constrained by the “pubo rectalis” muscle. In this way you’re having to use muscle to push past this other muscle(i.e. more work). Also you do not have gravity on your side as much as you would in a squatting position(again more work for you). Thus you have more strain, more pain. Also if you’re thinking of the environment, squat toilets may allow you to use less water & toilet paper.

If you need scientific proof, a 2003 study suggests squatting is more effective than sitting.

Squat Toilets Are Not For Everyone

So squat toilets have benefits, but of course there are always drawbacks as well. First off, good luck finding one in the USA or UK. Also if you encounter one, how are you going to use it? The first time would be like using alien technology. Most people are going to gravitate to what they know and are not going to install a squat toilet in their house. I could just imagine the dinner parties when a guest finds out all the sit toilets have been replaced with the squat variety! If you’re renting, then you really have no control over what toilet you get and I doubt the landlord would want you ripping out the current toilet.

Emulating The Squat Toilet

So since we probably don’t have access to a squat toilet or it’s just not feasible, we need to come up with some ways to emulate it.

  • Adjust Your Position – Try changing how you sit down on the toilet. Lean forward and try to raise your knees above or level with your abdomen. You might try going on tippy toes while sitting down. This can be uncomfortable and the benefits may be dubious, but it’s worth a try. ($FREE$)
  • Get a Step Stool – You can try elevating your legs with more comfort by purchasing a :rubermaidstoolaff: or even tipping over a waste bin and placing your feet near the base of it. There is also :lifestepaff:, which is specifically designed for this purpose. ($CHEAP$)
  • Platforms – Probably the best way to get benefits is to get a conversion platform. These are actual platforms you hop onto that allow you to hover above your normal sit toilet. This is probably not for everyone, but if you’re serious, these items are the way to go. I found two products available, :thelillipad: & :naturesplatform:. :thelillipad: looks pretty spiffy to me, but I have not used either product. There is also a product called “The Evaco Toilet Platform” which I can see was sold at squatplatform.com, but that site seems to no longer exist. ($KINDA SPENDY$)

Let Me Know How It Goes

Have your bowel habits improved or have you tried one of these products out? Drop a comment below.