A dairy cow has tested positive for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy on a California farm.

USDA testers found the infected cow while doing regular testing. The cow had died before the tests were done, but according to it’s owner it was not exhibiting symptoms of Mad Cow Disease beforehand. USDA testers have said that the cow was infected with an atypical form of Mad Cow Disease which was not obtained from eating infected cattle feed. Continue reading “Mad Cow Disease Spotted In California” »

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the a school(Little Village Academy) in Chicago has banned kids from bring in their own lunches unless they have a medical reason to do so. While the school & the district is spinning this as being about protecting kids from bad food choices many think that the school & it’s food service provider are putting profit over pupils. The principal, Elsa Carmona, says that other schools have a similar policy, though she was unable to name which other schools have such a policy. More worrying is that the school district has no official written policy on bagged lunches, nor do they keep track of which principals have decided to do away with allowing them. Parents don’t have much choice in the matter as the school their child goes to usually depends on where they live. They may not have any recourse to send their child to another school & perhaps many aren’t going to be inclined to do so over something “petty” like the school lunch program. Continue reading “Chicago School Bans Kids From Bringing Their Own Lunches” »

Well it appears what many patrons of Taco Bell have suspected for awhile might be landing Taco Bell in some hot water, or at least into a courtroom. The law firms “Blood Hurst & O’Reardon” & “Beasley Allen” have filed a class action lawsuit against Taco Bell’s parent company Yum Brands(the evil geniuses behind such fast food staples as Pizza Hut & KFC) claiming that Taco Bell’s ground “beef” may barely be beef at all.

The lawsuit claims that the ground beef filling may actually only consist of 35% actual beef. This flies in the face of the USDA policy book  guidelines which state that for something to be called ground beef it must contain less than 30% beef fat & not be adulterated with any kind of extenders. The USDA does allow for a product to be labeled as “taco meat filling” if it has at least 40% beef, which Taco Bell supposedly fails to meet as well. Continue reading “Taco Bell Meat May Not Be Making The Grade” »

Plantains at market stand.

Plantains - Photo By Daegis

Well it appears your mother may have been right about eating your broccoli, especially if you’re dealing with Crohn’s Disease. Scientists have found that people dealing with Crohn’s Disease seem to have problems with certain bacteria invading their gut, specifically a certain type of E. Coli. The fiber in Broccoli & Plantains may help block the E. Coli bacteria from being absorbed by the gut, thus reducing chances of infection & irritation.

Just what is a plantain? It’s basically a banana that isn’t sweet. In some places you can find “plantain chips” which are salted, not sweetened. As far as broccoli goes, the best way to cook

it is to steam it until it’s brilliant green, then remove it immediately. This will allow it to retain flavor & texture. I really do no like mushy broccoli. Even with these findings some people may not be able to tolerate these foods, so don’t put caution to the wind. Take it slow.


University of Liverpool Press Release

Yogurt Review – Zoi Greek Style

August 28th, 2010 - Written by - 19 comments
Zoi Greek Style Yogurt Strawberry

Zoi Greek Style Yogurt Strawberry

The Rise of The Greek Yogurt Empire

Today we’re reviewing Zoi Greek Yogurt.

Zoi Yogurt is made by Auburn Dairy Products. It’s a regional brand found in the Pacific Northwest(USA). The packing is simplistic but charming. It advertises itself as having a “Great Taste – Fit For The Gods”. You can get Zoi in the following flavors: Plain, Vanilla, Honey, Strawberry & Blueberry. One of the best things about the fruit flavors is that they have “Fruit on the Bottom”, which I feel lends to the use of higher quality ingredients and allows one to mix the fruit in or slowly make their way to the fruity explosion awaiting at the bottom. I initially didn’t even know that there was fruit on the bottom(failed to read the label), there was the essence of fruit flavor throughout the yogurt even before I hit the bottom, so the fruit on the bottom was an extra bonus. Continue reading “Yogurt Review – Zoi Greek Style” »

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